Fundraising Opportunities

Do bake sales and car washes take the fun out of fundraising? Consider joining the concessions team at the University of Maryland, and help us run a food location in the Maryland Stadium or Xfinity Center.
How much can you make?
Generally, our groups make from $350 to $750 per event. The amount is based on a percentage of your gross sales.

How does it work?
After specifying which dates your group can work we will contact you to reserve your spots for the upcoming season. Our policy dictates a six game commitment with three of those games being non-ACC matchups. There is a mandatory training session before your group is eligible to work. At the training session we will teach you, the group leader, and two others from your organization how to operate the stand, and all relevant policies and procedures. The training will last 1-1/2 hours and end with you signing a contract to work the games we’ve reserved for your group.

How many people will my group need?
Each food stand needs 15 to 20 volunteers to work each event and they must be at least 14 years old.

What is the time commitment?
We require that group leaders show up 3-1/2 hours before the game with the rest of your volunteers arriving 3 hours before the game. Cleanup generally takes 1 hour after the event.

What do you need to provide?
We provide you with everything you will need - the food, equipment and training. All we require from you is the personnel. At each game we will also assign a member of our staff to be in the stand with you to ensure you have an enjoyable and profitable night!

Interested? Submit an application and view our Training Manual. Contact Katie O’Hare, or call 301.314.8296, for more information.